Get ready to make an international call with real-time wholesale rates.

Real-time access is provided to the users at competitive rates if they make use of the online services. The profit margins can be protected by the businesses so that they can manage their FX risks in advance through Currenxie. The real-time wholesale rates are provided with spot contracts so you can get ready to make an international call without any issues. Fast and secure payments can be done by the users by using the different types of currencies.

Foreign exchange and visa cards:

Simple transaction management is enabled on the fully online platform with the help of the interface. The users should follow some simple instructions if they are planning to convert the funds using a digital payment app. It is possible to meet your business needs with the help of foreign exchange and visa cards. International finance can be experienced in the app if you prefer to use the global currency account.

  • The users can ensure to meet all their financing needs at a lower cost with the help of an online account.
  • If you want to see the pricing then you can request a free quote on our website.
  • Your account should always be ready if you just want to relax and focus more on the numbers.
  • The payments for the digital economy can be done easily so you can proceed to buy and sell around the world.

Receive the payment from different countries:

The new foreign currency accounts can be created in the country if you want to make payments with a global account. The bank numbers and details should be provided by the users in the country of their choice. The buyers can easily receive payments from different countries in 14 currencies. The mid-market foreign exchange rate can be achieved with the help of the payments.