How to choose the live wedding band for your preferences

Music can make all the differences, and serve as more than a background to the festivities. A live wedding band with the correct experience can set the mood and tone for the entire day, serving as a musical centerpiece that perfectly complements and enriches the events and a catalyst for bringing the ambiance to life with the energy of the moment. Parkland Music is a wedding band with that style.

Choosing the music

While many brides will have a general concept of what music they want, this does not always imply that they will have a detailed playlist. Utilize the band in this regard, since they are more likely familiar with popular modern or classical music, and which songs generate the atmospheres you desire. Give the most experienced wedding band a few recommendations, and they’ll be able to come back to you with an entire playlist of suggestions, some of which may pleasantly surprise you.

Booking the band

You might be tempted to wait until the last minute or as an afterthought to book a band, but this could be an expensive error. Starting a wedding notebook is a good idea here so you don’t forget about this essential component of the day. Don’t be scared to get the band in on the wedding planning process; they might have some helpful hints of their own that will relieve some of the stress of having to do everything yourself. For example, if they are familiar with the location or can assist with playlists.

Of course, before you do anything else, double-check the band’s schedule, as you’ll be wasting your time if they have another commitment.


Set your maximum budget before communicating with the band, but be prepared for some wiggle room in the early stages of preparations. However, don’t book just based on price, as this is one occasion where the old expression is true if you pay minimum wage. The time of year has a role in this process, so expect to pay more during peak season.