Steps of Polishing A Concrete Floor

There’s no denying the way that polished concrete floors have gotten extremely regular in homes and businesses. On the off chance that you have the skills, you do not need to enlist a professional to come and polish the floor for you-you can do it without help from anyone else.

Concrete Flooring

Get a processor and abrasive disks

You should start by having a processor and abrasive disks. Since the processor is expensive, you should consider leasing one from a home improvement shop. For ideal results you should lease an upstanding, stroll behind processor as it is easy to use.

With regards to jewel abrasive disks, you should get them. The disks come in various coarseness levels that range from 16 to 3,000. Recall that the higher the coarseness number the better the abrasive.

Eliminate the covering from the floor

On the off chance that there is any covering on the mai san be tong, you should use the coarseness abrasive to eliminate it. You should start with the coarse coarseness to level out the flooring and afterward work your way to the finest coarseness disk. Notwithstanding eliminating the covering the coarseness will also smooth out the floor for the polishing segment.

Fill the cracks

In the event that there are cracks or dents on the floor, you should fill them with concrete epoxy. In the event that you cannot get concrete epoxy you should consult a flooring professional who will suggest whatever other powerful filler that you can use. To lessen the requirement for coarser grinding you should fill the cracks to the floor.

Crush the floor

Whenever you have filled all the cracks and dents you should start grinding the floor. You should start grinding from one corner and work your way across the whole floor. For ideal results you should use a 30 coarseness metal-reinforced abrasive to start and afterward go on with a 80 fortified coarseness. You should finish the grinding process with a 150 coarseness.

Apply the hardener

After you have totally ground the floor you should apply a synthetic concrete hardener to establish a serious shine look. You should then polish the floor with resin-fortified jewel abrasive using 100 coarseness and afterward proceed with the process using 400 resin-reinforced coarseness. You should then use a 800 resin-reinforced coarseness until you can achieve the desired shine.


This is the manner by which you polish a concrete floor. For ideal results it is acceptable that you employ the services of a professional to accomplish the work for you.